Uneasy Calm In Pandam Lake Game Reserve, As Chinese Firm Cut Down Trees

Jepjan community in Quan-pan Local Government Council of Plateau Stat is appealing to the Federal Ministry of Environment, the Conservator General of Nigeria and the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), to intervene and urgently prevent deforestation in the Pandam Lake Game Reserve due to the taking down activities by a Chinese firm.

The community said the activities by a Chinese firm in Pandam Wildlife has created an uneasy calm for cutting treesanimals and may lead ecological disasters to the 224km of unspoiled savannah wetlands and forest as more trees are been cut down daily.

According to the community, Pandam Lake Game Reserve an international importance is already been degraded and destroyed by a Chinese Company alleged to have been granted lumbering permit by the Plateau State government to harvest wetland resources contrary to Regulation 9(1) of National Environmental (Wetlands, River Banks and Lake Shores Protection) Regulations, 2009.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Barrister Albert Kobep said, it is simply mind boggling to imagine why a responsible government can involve itself in a venture which is capable of causing long lasting ecological disaster to vast territory.

Adding that, game reserve is home to rare species such as the pig my hippopotamus, various exotic birds, monkeys and other wildlife, thus, if the forest was logged where will these animals go?Pandam Game Reserve

According to him, “In an era of going green and trying to establish means of revenue generation based on eco tourism that will generate revenue and still preserve this heritage for future generations, Plateau State and expatriate companies  have no regards for environmental sustainability.

The community representative said Environmental Impact Assessment decree of 1992, schedule provides under item 6 the descriptions of the areas where it is mandatory for an environmental impact assessment to be conducted before any activity.

Pandam is home to many hippopotamus, the rare African manate, forest roan antelope, shy duikers, warthogs and monkeys living in their natural environment. Bird watching, sport fishing, boating/canoeing, self guided trail and research haven.

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